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We are a Family Run Business who has provided IT and secretarial services to large organisations for over 10 years, last year we moved into the consumer market. It wasn’t until our parents, who were discussing their will, said that they would split their photographs between us, that we had the idea of what to do.

By scanning the photographs to a DVD we could all enjoy the history of our family and pass it on to our children. The volume of photographs exceeded 6000, so we invested in high volume scanners and restoration software and can process photos or slides.

The demonstration of the final result to our parents on our television as a family group prompted long discussions on past times. My Mother, who has impaired vision, was also able to join in and contribute with names, dates, places and other stories.

We sent copies of old photos to friends and family members, causing more conversations and get togethers. Several family members who have been researching our family history have found the photos and the family discussions a valuable resource. Some photos had become damaged or degraded over the years, but once scanned we were able to enhance and repair them, with surprising results.

Now our pictures from the past can be stored with the photos from our newer digital camera. Last but not least and despite having insurance, full copies of our photos exist in more than one place, enabling us to reproduce them in the event of accidental loss or damage.



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