Scanning Prints


With the exception of a few framed printed photos the majority are usually hidden away and are seldom looked at because of the inconvenience of finding and sorting through them. For various reasons they are not usually stored in one place and become separated from the negatives.

It’s common that a photo may be given away to a friend or relative, leaving you with only the negative, “this usually happens with baby photos being given to grandparents”.

With the recent interest in Genealogy the pictures of greatest interest are probably in the possession of the oldest living generation of the family. These are the photos that are of the greatest interest to anyone wanting to preserve their family’s history and every opportunity should be taken to find out everything about each Photo. 

Although some of the first photos date back to the 1820’s it is likely that most families could find pictures from around 1900.  To allow these to be passed through the generations and shared along family branches, high quality digital imaging provides the only answer.

This also provides a way to prevent the hazards of loss, damage or fading, which financial insurance cannot replace.    

We can scan from the smallest up to A4, also panoramic photos.




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